The latest from Mum’s garden

Mum’s garden is still looking lovely and colourful, with lots of summer flowers still showing off.



A pretty penstemon



Coreopsis – I have no luck with coreopsis. Still, I’m going to try again next year.

We weren’t just there today to admire the flowers, though. Last Friday I took Mum to the garden centre to spend the gift card we gave her for her birthday – the main thing she wanted was a cold frame, and we found a flat pack one which was nice and light and went in the car eventually after some reorganisation. So I had promised our services for putting it together. It went together fairly well, especially if you leave out the part where we put the back panel on upside down and the wrong way round. The space next to the greenhouse is the perfect spot for it and within minutes Mum already had plants in it.


Benji supervised us, of course…


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A photo a week – week 18


It’s definitely starting to look autumnal!

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Yesterday when I got in from work I took some photos in the garden, then almost immediately forgot about them. Well, at least I remembered this morning!

I’ve been meaning to photograph this confused hypericum all week – for some reason it’s flowering again (Mum reports that hers is, too):

22 sept 2017 (2)

A rather pretty pale pink dianthus (no idea of the variety):

22 sept 2017 (1)

And the Virginia creeper starting to do its autumn thing:

22 sept 2017 (3)

If you look closely you might see the spider, fairly central and towards the top. I took a close up as well though – it’s the biggest garden spider I can remember seeing.

22 sept 2017 (4)

Don’t have nightmares!

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A photo a week – week 17


All the 17s – week 17, 17th September 2017… is it anyone’s lucky number?!

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So much pink

This rosy-pink vision greeted me this morning – the sedum has finally decided to flower!

sedum 15 sept 2017

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And a few more photos

There might be some more later, the camera battery decided to give up part way round the garden which was annoying!

Anyway, I went out to the greenhouse to check on cuttings etc and move a few things outside for their own good, mainly the salvias which will be going in the ground very soon. Last week I succumbed to a special offer of 36 herbaceous perennials (plus a free pair of snips) for the princely sum of £5 – they are teeny tiny plug plants so as soon as they arrived I popped them in cell trays and divided them up so Mum could have half. The 36 were 6 each of digitalis, echinacea, armeria, verbena, scabious and coreopsis. I took Mum’s round yesterday (along with a couple of Salvia “Hot Lips” which have grown from cuttings). It looks as though we have each lost an echinacea already but even so £5 is still a pretty good deal. In return Mum gave me some hardy wallflower cuttings (I took some from ours before digging it up but have no faith in them taking) and some cuttings from a penstemon she has in the front garden, which has dark red flowers and has grown absolutely enormous.

On my way back from the greenhouse I spotted some flowers on the abelia “Kaleidoscope” – to be honest I’d forgotten it was meant to flower, it’s been sitting there for a couple of years now and I don’t think it’s flowered before, it just has lovely evergreen foliage. Apparently the flowers are meant to be fragrant too.


Most of the branches have buds at the ends so we can look forward to it being a bit more showy over the next couple of weeks.

Once I was out there with the camera it seemed rude not to take a few more pictures to give a little flavour of what’s doing things just now. Mostly it’s things that have been flowering for a while and are still going strong, though we do have some random out-of-season flowers on the rosemary. Berries have appeared on the cotoneaster and the honeysuckle but I failed to get photos of them as the battery ran out.

Penstemon “Bodnant” continues to stand out against the artemisia:


And has more buds coming:


The hellebores are starting to wake up, though it does look as though something’s chomping on them. They’ll recover, they always do:


The fuschia is still doing really well, and there are a few dianthus buds waiting to open as well:


And this is the one and only begonia to actually do anything.


Even as a self-confessed not-a-fan, I have to admit this is a pretty flower:


Definitely starting to feel autumnal now, though. On Friday I’ve got the day off work so I’ll be taking Mum to the garden centre. We need some daffodil bulbs as ours are nearing the end of their natural – we had hardly any flowers this year – so I want to get some new ones. Planting spring bulbs is a sure sign that summer’s over!


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A photo a week – week 16


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