And now for something slightly different

With the patio light on, the garden looks rather atmospheric.


And because I can, there’s this version:


In The Night Garden!

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A photo a week – week 26


We’ve reached the halfway point! So I thought it was a good time to have a quick look back at the photo project so far. Week 1 was all the way back at the end of May – 28th, to be precise – and the garden looked like this:


Back when we still had some lawn left.

A quarter of the way in, and we’ve reached 20th August:


Peak flowering time by the look of it! Just at the point when you couldn’t see the path…

Inevitably it’s going to get less colourful from now on as we head into winter proper, but at the moment things are surviving the early frosts pretty well.


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A photo a week – week 25


Back to the normal posting time this week!

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A photo a week – week 24

Late, I know! The photo actually had to be taken early – at 8am instead of 9am – and by 9 I was at Northampton Station getting my ticket to go to the NEC for the Simply Christmas show. So here I am nearly twelve hours later than usual, posting a photo that was taken early…


All of which could explain why it’s not a very good photo, sorry!

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A photo a week – week 23


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Hidden gems

Yesterday I went to a meeting at Cannon Bridge House, in central London. After the meeting we were shown the roof garden, which is surprisingly peaceful and has amazing views across the Thames (slightly weather-dependent of course!). The photos are a little bit wonky as I only had my phone with of london 26 oct 2017 (2)city of london 26 oct 2017 (6)city of london 26 oct 2017 (7)

The turret is one of two from the old Cannon Street station.

city of london 26 oct 2017 (5)

The lower garden is an allotment – you can see the runner bean canes – and there are beehives.

After lunch we had a walking tour of some interesting sites, some of which featured little gardens. I didn’t get any more photos of gardens as it was raining a lot of the time, but I can recommend the Church of St Vedast on Foster Lane – next to the church is a little door that leads you to the former churchyard, now a peaceful enclosed courtyard garden. A little way away on Gresham Street, opposite Goldsmiths’ Hall, is the churchyard of St John Zachary (the church itself is long gone). The Goldsmiths own and maintain the churchyard and it’s a nice little garden but the real surprise comes if you walk up through the churchyard towards the Lloyds building and turn right. Next to the churchyard is a little sunken garden created in a former basement. Despite being overlooked it feels very secluded and I can imagine in the summer it would be a lovely place to sit.

Finally we walked along Noble Street and saw the area of exposed Roman city wall and fort, which is also a wildflower garden – with more beehives, which is lovely.

So if you happen to be in the City of London with a spare half hour or so, there might be a garden nearer than you think.

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A photo a week – week 22


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