Other people’s gardens (an occasional series)

We had a day out today at Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire. I love going round country houses and their gardens, and Wimpole is one of my favourites (it’s also National Trust, so as members we get in free).

At this time of year Wimpole is showing off its spring bulbs. The daffodils have mostly faded and the tulips are at their height, especially in the formal garden next to the house.

From this garden you have a wonderful view to the Gothic tower, a folly in the parkland.

The gateposts are topped by completely over the top carved urns:

Wimpole also has a vast walled garden, which is hard to do justice to with my little camera (it was also very sunny, and no matter how I tried to compensate, the colours appeared washed out).

At this point, I am going to stop talking and just let you enjoy the pictures of pretty flowers.

White lilac

Purple lilac


A multi-headed narcissus

Black tulip

Red and white tulip

Another red and white tulip, grown up next to a peony

Tree peony with a visiting bee

Double-flowered poppy

Apple blossom

There. I hope you liked looking at those as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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