How our garden grows

A couple of posts back I did a quick run-through of how we had worked on our garden. At some point I’ll probably go through in more detail, but for now I’ve got some lovely photos to share of how it’s all looking – despite some typically grey and damp British Bank Holiday weather. We spent some time on Saturday tidying up, weeding, and putting in a few more plants, and have also moved some of the pots around so that almost every  patch of bare earth is covered. As out plants grow and spread we can gradually take some away – but for now, they stay. I can’t stand bare earth in a garden.

Anyway, this is the view from the house:

We have some sweet peas in troughs, getting ready to scramble up over the trellis between us and next door:

Some of these were seedlings my Mum gave us, and some we have grown from seed ourselves. We’ll see how well they flower!

Other things are flowering well – the rose we uncovered at the far end has lovely yellow blooms and a beautiful scent:

I wish I could make this scratch ‘n’ sniff so you could smell it. It really is gorgeous.

In the flower bed we have marigolds:


White campion:

Aquilegia, still flowering away:

And French lavender:

Amongst others, of course – pansies and begonias are doing well but not being quite so photogenic, and others such as the hebes, lavenders and potentilla are concentrating on putting on growth at the moment, though one of the hebes has some buds starting.

Our hanging baskets are doing very well, too – stuffed to the gills with trailing verbena, and with splashes of other colour, mainly from dianthus and marigold:

Last but not least, in one of the pots our dwarf ceanothus is in flower. Last year was the first time it flowered properly in the 3 years we’ve had it, and this year I didn’t think it would do anything, but it’s looking lovely again:

The photo doesn’t entirely do it justice – the blue flowers look as though they’ve been sprinkled with gold dust. Just perfect.

We had a holiday a couple of weeks ago and I’ll be adding a post soon about one of the gardens we visited, which was an absolute gem.

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