Stowe Landscape Gardens

On the excuse that it was one of those beautiful, crisp, sunny January days that we should make the most of, I persuaded J to have a little trip out to Stowe today. Stowe is just outside Buckingham and the landscape gardens were designed by Lord Cobham in the 18th century; Capability Brown was head gardener here. The landscape has been arranged to look natural though it’s anything but, and then filled with follies, bridges and Neoclassical temples. We plan to come back regularly, as the seasons change.

Enough talk; time for photos.

The Temple of Concord and Victory

The Cobham Monument. From the top, you can see five counties.

The Queen's Temple

The Temple of British Worthies

The Shell Bridge

The Palladian Bridge

There is so much to see, and we really just went on a quick recce today – no doubt there will be more posts about this extraordinary place in the future.

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2 Responses to Stowe Landscape Gardens

  1. Sharon says:

    Oh, my. Why did my ancestors leave the UK when there was this sort of stuff to be had? Love the pictures.

  2. ownedbyrats says:

    Thank you 🙂

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