A quick tidy up

It’s amazing how much difference it can make in the garden, just spending an hour or so checking things over and tidying up. We did just that this morning – cleared up some dead leaves, made sure everything was vaguely respectable, and even planted a few things.

Not too bad, for January

Back in the autumn we bought lots of bulbs, some of which I didn’t get chance to plant. The leftovers were bluebells, crocus and daffodils – so I planted them in the bank at the end of the garden, They may flower late, if at all, but at least they’re in the ground. Yesterday I bought two pots of snowdrops in the green – £4.50 each, but by the time you’ve tried and failed several times to grow them from bulbs, £4.50 seems worth every penny. Like snake’s-head fritillaries, snowdrops are notoriously hard to grow from bulbs. They’re not quite flowering yet, but will be in the next week or so.

A few things are looking perky and spring-like – the flowering quince is looking good:

Flowering quince: living up to its name

We have a small hebe flowering, some cyclamen still holding on, and the skimmia is covered in buds. Some of the bulbs we planted last autumn are starting to come up, so in the next few weeks it should start to look colourful again.

This year we plan to do some work on the bank – it’s a bit too steep at present so the idea is to even it out, and to dig in some of the compost that must surely be maturing at the bottom of our compost bin. Then we need to think of plants that will thrive in the conditions there – dry, mostly shady but some sun. I’m hoping to get a woodland feel going there. No doubt updates will follow as we progress.

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