Just when you thought it was safe

We are in the grip of another cold snap. Some exaggeration from the media, who like to portray every cold spell as “Arctic”, but it’s safe to say the temperature is not going to get above freezing today. Not a day on which I would normally choose to spend time in the garden, but duty called.

If you read my other blog, Owned By Rats, you will know that we had a couple of losses recently. Our old boys, Luther and Arkwright, both departed – Luther a couple of days before Xmas, and Arkwright at the beginning of this week. I’ve mentioned before that we bury our rats in pots with carefully chosen plants to guard them and keep them safe; we had already buried Luther, of course, so today it was Arkwright’s turn. Luther lies under a cluster of ornamental grasses, and Arkwright has now found his place beneath a golden cupressus “Wilma”.

It was bitterly cold – the compost had frozen in its bag, so it was just as well that we had bought a new bag this morning. The rootball of the cupressus was frozen too. And the decorative grit for the top of the pot – guess what? Yes, frozen.

At least I was able to get everything planted up quickly and get back in the house.

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