The winter lottery

Last night it started snowing. Well, late afternoon, really – about 4.30pm. At first it didn’t lie very much, but as it got dark and the temperature fell away, that all changed. We watched cars being driven very tentatively up and down our road – we live on a side road, on a hill, with speed bumps. Quite scary in this sort of weather. I was hoping firstly that there would be the chance to get some photos of the garden under 3 or 4 inches of snow, and secondly that once I had my photos it would all melt. J has to be in Surrey for 8am tomorrow, which means leaving here at 4am to go to the office and pick up his van.

Well, I got the first part of my wish. After breakfast I ventured out, to see this:

The view from our back door

The trees at the end of the garden are laden, but slowly thawing so I had to dodge drips of cold water to get this shot:

Many of our plants are almost flattened or barely visible:

There's a pernettya under there. If you look closely, you can just see some pink berries.

Some were struggling to emerge as the snow thawed:

A patio rose - looking remarkably well, all things considered.

And some had to be rescued:

The little cupressus I planted yesterday. It was bent over with the weight of the snow when I found it.

The lottery is, of course, based on what will cope and what will succumb. Until yesterday I was pretty sure that while a few things might not recover, most of our plants would make it through to spring. Now I’m not so sure, but only time will tell.

Of course, me being me I had to take a few arty shots too.


I hope your garden is surviving the winter.

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