At least the snowdrops are out

Not a great deal happening in the garden this week, just a gradual process of waking up as the weather has been pleasantly mild and we’ve even had some sunshine. The snowdrops I planted a few weeks ago are now covered in flowers:

The other day I had to visit a site where a bungalow was recently demolished and a new house is to be built. All down one side of the garden, beneath a line of trees, was a carpet of hundreds upon hundreds of snowdrops. If I’d had anything with me to put them in and keep them alive till I got them home I would have been seriously tempted to take some as it’s doubtful many will survive the construction work.

Back in our garden, I was encouraged to see a few ladybirds tempted out by the warm sun.

Let’s hope it’s a good sign.

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One Response to At least the snowdrops are out

  1. These flowers are lovely and I love the ladybug. We have a few that are actually living in the house. We always have a couple who stick around every year. I can’t wait to get to planting vegetable seeds for my garden. Stop by and say hi 🙂

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