Banking on success

A satisfying weekend, and progress has been made on the bank. Yesterday we went to see my mum, and took her for lunch and a trawl round the local garden centre. Today being Mothers’ Day (in the UK, anyway), I wanted to get her something she would like for her garden, and knowing that she’d been looking for a sarcococca even longer than I had, I was pleased when we found one she liked.

We took a shopping list to help us look for plants suitable for dry shade; the northern end of the bank gets very little sun due to the conifers along that side of the garden. The southern end does better, so we could be a little more flexible there. I checked our handy RHS plant guide, which has lists in the back of plants for various conditions, and noted down some options, but in the end the only plants we found from the list were cotoneaster and pulmonaria.

As ever, the first port of call was the rack marked Seasonal Clearance, where we found some hellebores and primroses and a dianthus at half price. Mum found two pieris for her front garden, also half price. Elsewhere we found a forsythia, a pernettya, two ferns, some lupins and some lychnis, not to mention a tray of 10 small box plants for a mere £11.99. And thanks to some nifty assistance from the lovely girl on the till, we got a loyalty card which gave us over 500 points and one of the plants free. I already have some lychnis but it’s white, and I’d been looking out for the dark red variety – so I had to have them when I saw them. Mum also bought some lychnis and a forsythia.

So this morning found us out in the drizzle, planting in the bank. Hey, we’re archaeologists, we’re not scared of a bit of rain. of course we knew that the apparently huge number of plants would look puny once in the ground, and so it proved, but we’re getting there. The box will (we hope) grow up and screen next door’s garden a bit. The primroses may not last but in the meantime they’re a bit of colour. The bank now looks like this:

The pots are there to minimise the amount of bare soil

And overall, the garden looks like this:

Not looking too bad

So there we are – let’s hope they all survive and thrive.

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2 Responses to Banking on success

  1. Thanks for posting, I’m enjoying hearing about the development of the Bank and look forward to more tales as e move through Spring. It sounds like you have a real eye for a bargain! Good luck.

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