Daffs. Lots of Daffs.

No actual work in the garden today – not because there isn’t anything to do (there is dead-heading, and weeding) but because I managed to hurt my back on Thursday and am trying to give it some recovery time. We may do some bits and bobs tomorrow instead. But we had a look at the state of play this morning, and it’s good to see how many things are flowering, and how the new plants are settling in.

Right now, the garden looks like this:

Some of those splashes of yellow tell you that our daffodils are flowering. We bought a mixed random bag last autumn, planted them and promptly forgot all about them, which is what I usually do with daffs. Some of the smaller narcissi have already flowered and gone over, but the larger ones are just flowering now which is a little late but better than not flowering at all. A lot of our mixed bag seem to be double flowered, which is lovely and a far cry from the basic yellow trumpets I remember from spring when I was little.

A selection (forgive the odd crazy angle, I like to be arty sometimes):

I think the last one is my favourite.

Our mega spend trip to the garden centre the other week included buying a pot and a new plant, something unusual which we hadn’t seen before, and which we intended as the resting place for one of our rats. We laid her to rest last weekend and here’s the plant – a coprosma:

New growth will be green, turning red in the autumn.

The new planting is settling in well, both pulmonaria are flowering happily:

And the forsythia is obviously a hit with local insect life:

Established plants in pots are also doing well. Our dwarf rhododendron, which we have had for years, is starting to flower a month early:

The dwarf pieris is putting on new growth:

And the skimmia is covered in flowers and beautifully scented:

Soon we’ll be thinking about annuals, things to put in the hanging baskets, and all the plants  that my mother has been growing from seed – she has already promised us some tomato plants, and she’s growing a lot of bedding plants too. But though we’ve had warm weather for the last couple of weeks we’re not relaxing just yet. It’s still cold at night, with the odd frost, so for now the cordyline is staying wrapped up.

Looking forward to the Easter weekend, and then the summer garden can really get going.

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