Good job we’ve got a hosepipe ban

The ban came in a few weeks ago, and it has barely stopped raining since. I know, I know – spring and summer rain doesn’t fill reservoirs up the way winter rain does, it’s the lack of winter rain that’s caused the problem, and so on. But we’ve been dutifully saving grey water to use on the flower beds and have barely needed to water anything all month.

Last Saturday we went over to see my mum and had a trip to her local garden centre again, to buy more nice things for our garden – some vinca, which will hopefully spread all over the bank and be ground cover; some lithodora, a variety with blue and white flowers; and assorted other bits and bobs including some reduced pansies and geraniums to go in tubs and hanging baskets.

Mum has grown things from seed again so we also came home with tomato plants, rudbeckia, asters and coreopsis. The asters need pricking out but everything else will be fine for a few weeks till we can plant them all out. Just as well, as our annual holiday is fast approaching. We may get some things done next weekend, as it’s a long weekend, but it depends on the weather.

We would, of course, have planted things out last Sunday, but I managed to go down with some sort of bug on Saturday evening and spent Sunday either asleep or feeling very, very sorry for myself. This weekend the weather has been terrible again, and I have been preparing for a three-day workshop so have been busy doing homework. There are not enough hours in the day.

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2 Responses to Good job we’ve got a hosepipe ban

  1. I know what you mean, I bought a siphon for grey water – it has rained every day since I placed the order! Next weekend I will connect the waterbutt to the drainpipe to catch all the lovely rain it’s been missing, that should sort out the weather.

  2. ownedbyrats says:

    Please do – we’re going on holiday in a couple of weeks, I’d like it to stop raining before then 😉

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