The flowering, and the soon-to-flower

The combination of all the rain in April and a couple of weeks of hot sunny weather has brought everything in the garden along considerably. We sat outside with a cup of coffee this morning, for the first time this year, and in fact had to come in before long as it was getting so hot in the sun.

The garden is loving it, so I went back out with my camera. The pictures almost don’t do it justice and in a way I was just snapping so the quality isn’t great, for which I can only apologise. The foliage is looking lush and happy and the flowering plants are either covered or soon to be covered. When I downloaded the pictures I realised that the last time I took photos was early April – it’s fair to say things have come on a bit since then!

By way of comparison, this is the general view on April 6th:

Not much flowering, apart from daffodils

And here is a similar view today:

It’s not just the weather that’s different

Everything seems to have at least doubled in size, and there is so much more colour.

The top end of the flower bed:

The grasses and azalea are in pots but it doesn’t seem to hold them back

Further down the flower bed:

All filling out nicely

And the bank, our problem area:

Not looking too bad, all things considered

A few details of things doing especially well:

French lavender – we carried this around in a pot for years before having somewhere to plant it. I think it likes it here.

On the right, the dwarf azalea. On the left, for some reason the quince is having a second flush of flowers. Not that I’m complaining.

One iris – the only one we seem to have left. But look at the intensity of those colours.

Santolina (cotton lavender) which I bought last year as it loves dry sunny conditions. Last year it didn’t flower, but this year it’s covered in buds and I can’t wait!

The santolina again on the right, with its neighbour the hardy wallflower.

Last autumn we bought a couple of end-of-season poppies, cheap. They are covered in buds – there will be more photos when they open.

More buds, this time on our ceanothus. Whether it’s because it’s in a pot, or the variety, I’m not sure but it does seem to flower a little later than others. We saw lots flowering when we were on holiday last week, but ours is a bit slower.

Another end-of-season bargain – three little osteospermum. Filled out, spread and flowering happily – it’s not clear from this photo but there are numerous buds still to open.

The first rose to open. Just lovely.

More cheap plants – this dianthus was half price earlier in the spring. Beautiful rich crimson flowers and more to come. That’s what I call good value.

The first lupin to start flowering, though there are more with lots of buds.

Even the pansies in the hanging baskets were reduced. Still, they look alright, don’t they?

We’ve got some tomato plants in the little greenhouse, which seem to be putting on several inches a day and are just starting to produce flowers. And I found a clematis at the supermarket last week, which I planted this morning in a trough beside the fence – hoping to train it up into the trellis.

I do have some “Other people’s gardens” photos to add but there hasn’t been much time lately. No doubt there’ll be a round-up soon.

Happy gardening, enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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