Flowers in the rain

Well, not actually in the rain – it’s actually brightening up here, we have the first sunshine for a few days just struggling through the clouds. After a couple of hot, sunny weeks we get a few days of rain and already people are complaining about how summer is already over, how rotten our weather is, etc. I’m not complaining – the garden looks more lush and healthy by the day, and the only downsides are the increase in slugs and snails, and the possibility of a poor tomato harvest if it stays wet.

The main flowerbed.

The bank – looking less patchy each day.

Flowers are opening, some getting a little battered by the rain which is a pity, but more will come.

One of our many little clumps of campanula, with a few pink geraniums in the foreground.

Polemonium – we have two of these, in pots, both half price from the garden centre several weeks ago. They haven’t stopped flowering since we bought them.

Some of our lovely hot pink lupins – these were barely showing last week, and now look at them!

Poppy “Patty’s Plum”, a little bedraggled but just look at those colours. More buds forming, too.

We seem to have a lot of blue and pink just now, but the yellows won’t be far behind. The santolina is a mass of buds, and I think it’s just waiting for a day or two of sun to warm it up. Maybe this week.

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