Other people’s gardens: a quick roundup

Back in May we had a week’s holiday on the South Coast, which of course included visiting a few gardens. I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick round-up rather than an individual post for each, so here it is. I’m also including pictures from our birthday outing, to Upton in Warwickshire, the weekend before we went on holiday.

Upton first, then. This is an 18th century house on a medieval core, with gardens redesigned in the 1930s. Close to the house, the gardens look like this:

Upton House, looking across the lawn

From the house, looking out over the lawn

On the terrace at the back of the house are lots of formal beds and (in May, at least) tulips in urns:

Tulips in bud

These are such a lovely colour – and they contrast beautifully with the colour of the urn

What you can’t see, in the view from the house across the lawn, is what happens where the lawn ends. What happens there is a series of terraces, hidden from the house, carved into the south facing slope and leading down to a pool.

From the terrace steps, looking over the pool

Looking along the terraces

And looking the other way, to the sunken lawn at the western end of the pool

The terraces are full of formal beds and informal corners, rooms and nooks, not to mention the fruit and veg beds towards the bottom of the slope.

About mid-terrace, as I recall

I do like an archway

Nature and architecture combined

The steps at the western end of the terraces are a thing of beauty in their own right – perfectly proportioned, and punctuated with wisteria and cotoneaster.

Not to mention all the little things growing in the risers of the steps

A very quick romp through our holiday – Hinton Ampner:

That’s what I call borrowing a view

J in one of the more formal gardens at Hinton Ampner

Mad topiary

We also went to Uppark House:

And the reconstructed Roman garden at Fishbourne deserves a mention:

Our own garden is doing well, and we managed to get out and do some weeding and dead-heading this morning before it started raining again. Slugs and snails are doing some damage, but most things look to be thriving. Hope your gardens are coping!

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