Some of these may be triffids

After not really doing much in the garden for some time, I ventured out this morning to check things over. Did a bit of weeding and deadheading, and attempted to get the bindweed back under control. Most things are flourishing, and the path down one side is now completely impassable.

It’s like a jungle out there.

Despite the bindweed, most plants on the bank are still doing well:

Don’t look too closely. You’ll see the weeds.

The long stemmed plants with yellow flowers are coreopsis, which have made a serious bid for dominance this year.

Also flowering well:

Crocosmia. Which I really don’t remember putting there.

Rudbeckia – always reliable

A mixed corner – lavender, coreopsis, and pink and purple asters

The asters get a special mention as they are just coming into flower. We haven’t had any for the last couple of years, but this year we have, and I’m so pleased – I love their bright candy-like colours.

Pink asters

Purple asters

And asters yet to be revealed

And the insect life is also good – lots of bees, and I snapped a picture of this little guy on a coreopsis, so intent on feeding that he never moved:

Can’t talk. Eating.

Happy gardening.







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