Tidying up

We actually managed to spend a couple of hours in the garden this afternoon, pulling up the annuals that have run their course, disposing of the perennials that didn’t make it, cutting things back and attempting to take cuttings of a few select plants to take to our new house.

I mentioned a while ago that we were looking at moving, and we are now at the stage of having sold our old house (in another part of the country) and had an offer accepted on a house here. It’s a semi-detached with a relatively big garden – not the biggest that we saw when looking at houses, but not the smallest, and big enough for us. It has a little front garden too, dominated by a monkey puzzle tree as tall as the house which will, I’m afraid have to go. I like a monkey puzzle but really don’t think a suburban front yard is the right place for one.

Both the gardens are on the neglected side – the front clearly has some plants of merit, slowly being swamped by grass, and the back is almost totally laid to lawn. The neighbours are obviously gardeners so we will have to keep our standards up. The back garden has a generous patio, which is good as we’ll be retrieving our garden bench from the old house. Plus there’s a concrete platform with two sheds (with electricity) and a greenhouse. I’m not so fussed with the sheds, but I hope they’re leaving us the greenhouse. I’ve never had a proper one, only our tatty plastic effort which is just about ready for the tip.

So we have taken stock (lost: French lavender; hardy wallflower; osteospermum; probably one of the polemonium, though the other is clinging on; and a dwarf conifer). And taken cuttings (rosemary; santolina; artemisia; flowering quince). We discovered that the reason the ceanothus was thriving in its pot was that it had rooted into the ground below – here’s hoping it survives being removed long enough to go in the ground at the new place. We’ve covered the cordyline in its winter fleece. And we have a grand total of eight quinces, though no idea if they’ll be edible.

About time to hunker down for winter, and the move. I’ll try to post in the meantime, but may not see you till we get to the other side.

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