Something old, something new

Yesterday we made the journey over to Essex, to our old house which we’re selling, to reclaim the things the new owners wouldn’t want. Mostly this consisted of our old two-seater sofa, which has suffered a bit over the years but we’re still fond of it. There were also various bits and bobs to do with the garden.

This was the first house where we gardened, as previous (rented) houses had only had concrete back yards. We bought a garden bench and table, and lots of nice pots to plant things in. Some of those pots haven’t survived but we have retrieved the bench and table, which will need cleaning and restaining, several pots including a large one with a hosta which I’d forgotten about, and the new storage box which we bought just this summer. The house had a wooden box in the back yard which had been bodged together by the previous owner and which was getting increasingly rotten and tatty, so when we had the outside of the house repainted this year we also took the chance to have it removed and replaced with a smart plastic one. If we’d been letting the house again instead of selling, we would have left it there, but as we’re selling, it’s come back across country with us and is now sitting in the garden here, waiting to move to the new house.

It’s almost certainly waiting more patiently than I am.

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