We’re going to have a greenhouse!

Today, the postperson brought a stack of paperwork to do with the house we’re buying, including the list of fixtures, fittings and contents which tells us what they are leaving behind as included in the sale price.

We get the greenhouse! They’re clearly not gardeners anyway, which we knew based on how little has been done to the garden, but I did worry a little that they might decide the greenhouse was worth something and could be sold separately. But no – it’s included. My first proper greenhouse. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t need a bit of work, maybe a few new panes, but still – it’ll be brilliant having a proper one, instead of the little plastic one we’ve had for several years and which has almost disintegrated.

I might actually manage to grow some nice things from seed next year. Along with the amount we will be doing to the new garden – front and back – there’ll be plenty for me to blog about.

(I actually just typed “plenty” as “planty”!)

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One Response to We’re going to have a greenhouse!

  1. Anna says:

    Fab! Very jealous…

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