A preview of the new garden

The exciting news is that we completed the house purchase a few days before Christmas, and took some quick photographs so that we have a record of how it was, as changes will start to happen quite quickly. The house needs quite a bit of work, some of which will be best done before we move, but the gardening will wait for better weather.

The front of the house looks like this:

Yes, that's a monkey puzzle tree. Yes, it's enormous.

Yes, that’s a monkey puzzle tree. Yes, it’s enormous.

The tree is being looked at by a tree surgeon next week – we would love to keep it, but we’re concerned about the spread of the roots. It may be possible to top it off and limit its growth but I suspect it will need to go. The rest of the front garden contains a lot of scrubby grass, a nice big rhododendron, and one or two things which are probably dead. We’ll probably take up all the grass and put gravel round the tree, but that will still leave a wide flower bed in front of the house and the trough under the window.

This is the back garden:



Essentially a blank canvas, though there are some nice plants just this side of the greenhouse, including a cotoneaster. The square wooden thing to the right is a former sand pit which I am considering turning into a herb bed. It may need lining with plastic, though I’d worry about drainage if I did that. I’ll look into it properly before getting started.

Then there’s a wide bed alongside the fence on the left which we can plant up, as well as the space between the greenhouse and the sand pit.

The back of the house looks like this:

back of house

The patio is pretty big, so there may be room for a conservatory at some stage.

The sheds and greenhouse are in need of some attention:

sheds & greenhouse


The greenhouse door is missing one of its little wheels so doesn’t open properly, and it has a broken pane on one side. And as you can see, the ivy is trying to take over! The left hand shed is dry inside, but is otherwise a bit shaky-looking, and the other shed has more solid walls but a leaking roof. Both sheds have electricity at present. We may just get them both repaired, or we may get rid of one and just repair the other. Or get rid of both and have a new one. Decisions, decisions!

It will be a while before we get started on gardening, but once we do, I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, I hope you all had a happy Christmas and are looking forward to 2013.


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2 Responses to A preview of the new garden

  1. Fantastic monkey puzzle! Shame to cut it down, but tree surgeon will give you good advice! Best of luck with the new garden!!

    • ownedbyrats says:

      Thank you – yes, it is a beautiful tree, and very healthy, and if they can guarantee us that it won’t destroy the foundations, then it can stay – but it will have to be reduced in height before it catches the overhead cables!

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