The die is cast

Assuming no problems with the Borough Council, the monkey puzzle tree will go on Jan 29th. It’s a little bit sad, as it’s a healthy vigorous tree, but the tree surgeon who looked at it was of the opinion that to try and reduce it would unbalance it and cause further problems – plus we would have to get it looked at every year. So he recommended getting rid of it altogether. I have checked the interactive map on the council’s website, so I know we are not in a Conservation Area, and there is no Tree Protection Order on the tree, so there shouldn’t be any issues with its removal, but I have emailed the council to ask them, just in case.

He will, however, grind the stump out so we can replant – he suggested a small fruit tree, which might be nice, or I will put our dwarf standard ceanothus there – it is desperate to get in the ground and is on the verge of cracking its pot, the roots are so strong.

We will also try to keep some of the trunk, chopped up of course, to create features and insect hangouts in the garden. If the wood is suitable, that is.

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