New beginnings

We’ve been in the new house for just on four weeks now, and the house itself is just about sorted so it’s almost time to think about the garden. The monkey puzzle tree was removed as planned on Jan 29th, and we just have to leave it for a couple of months or so as the soil will be rather acidic at first. Then we can begin to think about what we will do with the front garden. At the moment we are planning to take up the grass (such as it is) and put down membrane and gravel, then plant through the membrane. We still have plenty of membrane left from doing the garden at the old house, and at a push we could have a big bag of gravel delivered here but to be honest I don’t think we would actually need that much.

I’ve got a couple of days off work, so this morning after getting the groceries I had a look round the front garden to see what’s happening, if anything; then a little later I did the same in the back garden. In the front, the news is good – we have some daffodils coming up in the flower bed nearest the house, and the bed by the garden wall is also looking more promising. The potentilla which I thought was rather dead is putting out new leaves, and we may have some little sedums hanging on in there as well.

At the back, we have more daffs showing themselves in the bed alongside the path, and the shrubby bit by the greenhouse is looking healthy – we have a lovely cotoneaster there. I also managed to get the greenhouse door open – it’s a sliding door but is missing one wheel so I need to get a replacement. Inside it’s a bit dirty and neglected but other than the door and one broken pane, it’s not looking too bad. A job for Easter weekend, I think.

We haven’t really made any decisions on what to do with the back garden yet, and only have vague ideas for the front, but I’ll keep you posted on our progress!

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