Down Memory Lane

Recently, I started scanning old photos so I could take the prints out of the bulky, heavy photo albums and have everything taking up less space. My photos start in the early 1980s with some very out of focus pictures of places and events I barely remember. I’ve just reached 1991, though, and found some I wanted to share with you.

Back at the start of this blog I said that my parents were proper gardeners in a way I would never hope to be. These pictures might give you an idea of why. They were taken in July 1991, in the garden of the house we had lived in for twenty years and which Mum and Dad lived in for another ten, before downsizing. The garden was enormous – long and narrow, with a fishpond, sheds, and plenty of lawn for us to play on when we were kids. By 1991 it was a beautiful mature garden, and though these pictures are not very good – it was a very sunny day, and my camera clearly didn’t cope very well – they do show it at its summer best.

Looking from the back of the house along the garden

Looking from the back of the house along the garden

This (above) shows about a quarter to a third of the garden. Beyond what is visible here, there was a greenhouse and a second shed, a small orchard, and the vegetable garden.


The border alongside the path (right of the previous photo)

closeup mixed border

Close-up of a mixed border


One day I’ll manage to have a hydrangea that looks this good

old coal bunker

This is actually the old coal bunker and outside loo. The ivy used to have wrens nesting in it.


The pond and rockery

A few years later the pond liner failed and my parents had it partly filled in. After they moved, the people who bought the house took everything out of the garden and turfed it all. I know gardens aren’t everyone’s thing, but it did seem a shame.

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