This is getting silly

It’s 23rd March and Spring should have officially sprung by now – but this was our front garden just before 8am when I went out for the Saturday paper.

Not a great photo - taken on my phone - but you get the idea.

Not a great photo – taken on my phone – but you get the idea.

So another weekend passes and we can’t do anything constructive. Last weekend it poured with rain. Now, this. I am itching to get started out there, if only to show our neighbours that the monkey puzzle tree didn’t get cut down for nothing.

On a better note, the spare parts for the greenhouse door have arrived, so if we get some decent weather we should be able to get it fixed. We are starting to work out how much it will cost to replace fence panels, and I’m hopeful that one of the sheds will be sound once the roof is replaced.

I’d just like it to stop being Winter.

EDIT: someone has posted a link from their blog to this one suggesting that I am “outraged” by the weather. For the record, I am fed up that I can’t garden, and concerned about how the continuing cold and snow will affect plants and wildlife. I am not “outraged”. There is not much point being outraged about weather. Poverty, injustice, prejudice and cruelty – yes. Outrage all you want. Weather? No.

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