At last, we can get started

Today was very much the day for making a start, garden-wise. We had reached the point where we had to do something, anything, otherwise we would spend another month saying “Well, we can’t do X until Y is done, and that won’t get done until Z happens,” and before you know where you are it’s autumn and the garden is full of weeds, cat poop and very little else.

So, out at the front I cleared the cat poop (yes, there was some – where the tree used to be), then soaked the ground to dilute the smell and scattered some Silent Roar, which might make the moggies think twice. I took a few pictures as well:

Front garden, from the drive

Front garden, from the drive

Closer in on the "flower bed" in front of the house

Closer in on the “flower bed” in front of the house

Things are actually growing out at the front! Here’s the potentilla:

SONY DSCA brave daffodil:

SONY DSCNice fat bud on the rhododendron:

SONY DSCAnd the first shoots of the peony:

SONY DSCMeanwhile, if you can tell me what these are I’d appreciate it. Probably a weed that needs pulling out, but at the moment they’re a splash of colour and some ground cover so they stay:



We did a lot more at the back of the house. Most of our garden stuff got put on the patio on Moving Day (nearly three months ago, where does the time go?) and has sat there ever since, so it was time to organise. Plus I wanted to get the greenhouse vaguely clean and respectable. Anything else we might achieve would be a bonus.

Some “before” shots:



The greenhouse in all its, ahem, glory:



Not quite the glasshouses at Heligan, but a bit on the neglected side. I cleared the ivy, got the muck out of the guttering and gave it all a good sweep out, and then it looked like this:



The shelves on the right get a reprieve for the moment, but I may want that spot for tomato plants. Still, a big improvement. Once I’d swept it, I gave it a wash inside with a Jeyes Fluid solution. Most of the white paint is still clinging to the glass, but it’s flaking off so probably won’t last long. I also found a third broken pane – in the back corner, next to the gap where one is missing altogether.

I found an Implement in the greenhouse – it may be a sort of billhook but I prefer to think it’s for puncturing the footballs of unruly neighbourhood children. It certainly looks as though J is thinking of using it for that purpose:


The patio also got a good tidy, and all the pots and bits and pieces found new homes. This is how we had it by lunchtime, when we thought it was about to rain:



Then it didn’t rain, so we came back out to do more stuff. The tall plastic shed in the last picture has now moved to the bottom of the garden, and a lot of the pots have moved round. Bags of compost and empty pots are in the greenhouse.

We decided after lunch to try and get things in the ground but that didn’t happen for a number of reasons. Mainly, J decided to resurrect the path which clearly once ran along in front of the sheds and greenhouse, and when I tried to dig a hole for the photinia I found a rather nice bit of cobbled floor. So J cleared the path and started digging over the bit between the greenhouse and the old sandpit, and I sowed some seeds (lychnis, lupin and sweet pea, not that I hold much hope for them but they definitely won’t grow if I leave them in an envelope) and cleaned the cobbled floor. And then it rained, so a cup of tea and a sit down was called for.

So now it looks like this (but a bit wetter):



And next to the greenhouse there’s this:



Which I think is rather nice.

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2 Responses to At last, we can get started

  1. Your mystery plant is a violet. It can bseed itself around too much and smother small plants, but useful ground cover especially in shady places.

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