Two days running? This must be a record

It was sunny and warm this morning so we decided to try and get some more done in the garden before the inevitable rain. The plan was to get a few things in the ground, which we managed, and we were even able to sit on our bench on the patio with a cup of coffee afterwards and admire our handiwork.

The first thing to deal with was the ceanothus. In its pot, it had become top-heavy and kept falling over. When we came to move it from the old house, its roots had gone through the holes in the base of the pot and into the ground, so we knew it was desperate to be planted out. We had to take a bit of care, though, as there is a rat burial amongst its roots. We roughly marked out where the gravel is going to go in the front garden, and planted the ceanothus in the middle (more or less) of what will be the central bed:


It should get quite a bit of sunshine there, so hopefully it’ll be happy and flower well.

Round in the back garden, we continued with the bed between the greenhouse and the sandpit. We planted the photinia, dwarf azalea, coprosma, pernyetta, pieris and two lots of hosta. All of them included rat burials apart from one hosta and the azalea, but we had a rat waiting to be buried so we popped him in with the hosta. (For those of you who don’t know about my rat habit, the other blog is here.)

So now it looks like this:

SONY DSCA few close-ups:

Pieris; hostas are just behind, but only just beginning to put out shoots

Pieris; hostas are just behind, but only just beginning to put out shoots

L-R: azalea, coprosma and pernyetta

L-R: azalea, coprosma, pernyetta, hosta

Photinia and azalea

Photinia and azalea

Lots of others await planting, but we have to make some decisions about where they will go. These grasses have done really well in a pot, so will hopefully go on to do well in the ground:


This also means that I will have lots of nice pots needing new occupants. The herb bed plan has changed again, and now I intend to plant herbs in pots rather than in the ground. After all, it only needs one cat to poo in a herb or veg bed for me to go right off the idea of eating anything grown there. Pots are easier to control.

Next weekend we will be busy all day Saturday doing non-gardeny things (boo!) but have every intention of going to the garden centre the following week, to start getting ideas (and new plants).

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One Response to Two days running? This must be a record

  1. sitting back with a cup of coffee admiring your work is the best part of the day

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