More plants, and a mystery vandal

On Bank Holiday Monday we visited my Mum, and collected the plants she had for us – six tomato plants, some herbs, two dwarf buddleia and assorted bedding. Everything apart from the tomatoes has been hardened off and is fine outside, though mostly a little small to go in the ground just yet. So I put them on the rough workbench which J retrieved from the pile of lumber and rubbish stashed between the two sheds.

I had noticed that a couple of the geraniums in troughs had been yanked out and dumped on the ground, but I’d found them in time to put them back, no harm done. Unfortunately it didn’t occur to me that the new plants might also be a target.

Today I’ve been off work with a nasty cold. I happened to look out of the window as a Mr Blackbird was hopping around my plants looking cheeky, and I wondered if he was the culprit. Then I looked at my bedding plants, and realised I was missing at least a couple of rudbeckia. On closer inspection I found one and replanted it, and also retrieved an aster that had suffered the same fate, but one rudbeckia had been dropped on the ground and mostly eaten by slugs or snails. So despite the fact that they have been hardened off, they have gone back in the greenhouse for now until I can plant them out or think of another way to protect them.

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