Time for the big reveal

We wanted to keep this a secret as my mum reads the blog, and we wanted her to have a lovely surprise when she came to visit this weekend. She’s here at the moment and has been suitably impressed with our progress in the garden, so the time has come to tell you what we were so busy with a couple of weeks ago.

We had decided to gravel the front garden – not all of it, just the bit covered by a rather sorry excuse for a lawn – and in the end we got the whole lot done in a day. We started off by going out to buy membrane, edging and six bags of gravel (six being the maximum we can get in either of our cars without the back end dragging on the ground). Then we made a start on removing the grass and weeds, so after a couple of hours it looked like this:SONY DSC

We reinstated the border edges and put in the edging – it’s just the cheap green plastic stuff, but it does the job – so after another hour or so it looked like this:


We started to put membrane down and the first few bags of gravel, but as we didn’t want to leave the job half done, decided to go back to the DIY shop and buy more gravel. This time we took both cars so we could bring back twelve bags as we thought that would be just enough for a thinnish covering, and we were right.

So then the garden looked like this:


That was two weeks ago of course, and since then we have moved around some of the existing plants and put quite a few new ones in. But more of that in another post. I’ll finish with a quick comparison of the front garden, before and after:

December 2012:

front of house

And June 2013:


A bit different, isn’t it?

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2 Responses to Time for the big reveal

  1. That looks brilliant, you’ve worked so hard there.

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