Bits and bobs

It’s that time of year when previous gardens have started to look rather sad, but I’m pleased to say at the moment that (apart from some fallen leaves) mostly we are holding steady. I have done a bit of tidying up but it seems that our first year has been good enough to carry us into winter without too many problems.

This weekend it was definitely time to think about protecting the cordyline, but as we’ve had a fair bit of rain this week the plant was wet and I didn’t want to wrap it in fleece until it had dried out. So for the moment I have put it in the greenhouse, and it’ll be put to bed properly in the next week or so.

Most of the rudbeckias have now gone, though one or two aren’t too bad and I’ve deadheaded them to try and keep them a bit longer. Knowing I would be creating some space I made a trip to the garden centre and came back with two skimmia, two lavender, some gaultheria, three hellebores (they were on three for two), some polyanths and a big tray of violas. Most are now in the ground, though there are still quite a few violas to plant, plus I haven’t planted the tulip bulbs yet. A job for next weekend.

So I’m pleased that we have a fair amount of colour still going on, plus lots of evergreens and things that are going to be interesting through the winter. Looking forward to seeing the hellebores flowering – I do love a hellebore!

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