The first photos of 2014

This morning a little bit of planting was an excuse to take a few pictures, just as a record of how relatively good it’s looking at the moment. The bit of planting featured our ratty boy Hawkeye, who left us on Boxing Day after a short illness (as you will know if you read my other blog) and needed a nice burial. So we bought him a lovely big skimmia, and now he’s at rest in here:



Otherwise it’s all a little scruffy round the edges but most plants seem to be surviving despite the rain and wind.



There are lots of fallen leaves around but I’m in favour of leaving them for the invertebrates! In the second picture there you can just see a pink hebe at the end of the lawn; it’s a little one which I bought last year and is apparently a new-ish variety called Heartbreaker. It’s certainly very pretty:



The front garden’s not doing too badly either, and some of the bigger shrubs such as the viburnum and forsythia are starting to acquire buds. I’m also very pleased with the troughs under the front window, which have been full of colour. Nothing fancy or exotic – just an assortment of pansies, violas and cyclamen – but they are looking lovely.




There may be a few more changes ahead. We are currently debating (even as I type this!) what to do with the rhododendron, rose and potentilla against the front wall. The rose is rather sad and straggly, and somewhat crowded out by the other two, so something may need to be done. We’ll see!



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