It’s all a bit… pink

Not that pink is a bad thing, it just seems to have worked out that we have rather a lot of it this year, mainly due to the lychnis getting its act together and flowering madly. A lot of plants were pulled out earlier in the year as they were taking over and it’s possible that by chance I pulled out mostly white ones – of course, as they hadn’t flowered I didn’t know what colour they were. Interestingly, though I mixed the seeds up we seem to have mostly distinct clumps of pink and white, with just one or two places where both are together.

Some things have gone over a bit and need cutting back – the poppies, rhododendron and rose in particular. The foxgloves are starting to go over too, but I will leave one or two to set seed and try to keep some seed as well to grow new plants next year. Same with the poppy – though I tried to keep some seed from last year and it didn’t grow. I’m not going to let that stop me from trying again!


So the back garden looks like this.

See what I mean about the lychnis?

I don't remember leaving that there..

I don’t remember leaving that there..

We’ve got a very happy hellebore, with hostas and ferns behind. I think the nematodes have done their job well, there’s very little slug/snail damage now.


Not knowing what colour the lychnis would be has led to some happy combinations. The pink variety has blended well with the lavatera (which was tiny last year and has now taken over half the bed).SONY DSC

And there’s a clump of white lychnis with this white hebe which looks amazing.SONY DSCThe thing is, if I’d known what colour they would be I might have swapped them over, and looking at them now, that would have been a shame. So instead I shall pretend that this is my little tribute to Vita Sackville-West’s White Garden at Sissinghurst. You won’t tell anyone it was accidental, will you?

Elsewhere there’s more of a mixture:


And before long the rudbeckias will be joining in too. The little hydrangea J’s mum bought for us last year is just starting to flower.

SONY DSCAnd the lime tree overhanging the end of the garden has been flowering for a while. The sticky residue that gets on everything is a nuisance but I do love the smell of a lime in flower.

SONY DSCThe front is looking a little overgrown and in need of a tidy.


But on the whole I’m pleased that things are growing well and doing their thing. See the nasturtiums in the second photo, just starting to flower? Self-seeded from the ones I bought last year.

The troughs look lovely and the geraniums are at last starting to do something!

SONY DSCOther containers looking good too, and you can’t beat a bit of electric blue lobelia, can you? I’ve been very pleased with the nicotiana too. The chrysanths have yet to flower but that’s ok, no doubt they will take over as something else fades.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCProduce-wise, we are picking a dozen or so raspberries every few days and they are delicious. If we had thought on we could have frozen them as we picked them and done something big with them once we had a decent amount, but we are rather enjoying eating them fresh with a little ice cream.

The tomatoes are doing well and all but one of the five plants in the greenhouse have fruit setting. We also have two small windowsill tomato plants in the house, which my mum gave to us, and one of those also has fruit setting. The other has flowers but no fruit yet. And there’s fruit setting on the strawberry plants too.

Next weekend we’ll have a good tidy up, and then next time we are bargain-hunting at the garden centre we’ll look for things to replace some of the lychnis. It’s lovely, but I don’t want it to take over completely.

Happy gardening!



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