High summer

Apologies for the lack of recent posts. In all honesty there hasn’t been much to tell. We have done very little in  the garden of late, as much as anything because the weather at weekends hasn’t always been conducive but also because it’s all just getting on with it, really. Some things could do with a bit of a tidy, but mostly it’s all chugging along. We haven’t even done much visiting of gardens – we did intend to a couple of weeks ago but it rained so we cancelled.

On the plus side, the tomatoes are starting to ripen and today we ate our first Sungold. We also had one from our indoor windowsill plants, no idea what the variety is but it tasted lovely. There will be many more to come as all the plants are loaded with fruit.

The asters and rudbeckias are growing well but have yet to flower, but no doubt I’ll be photographing them for you when they do.

We did venture to the garden centre today but just on a little (rather sad) mission. if you read my other blog you may know that one of our little ratties left us this week so we bought her a nice pot and a heuchera (“Sugar Frosting”). She’s in the garden now, next to her former cagemates.

Hoping that the weather is being kind to you.


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