Time for a few more bargains

It seems like I’ve been away for a long time. In all honesty there has been very little to post about as we haven’t really done much in the garden for a long time. In fact it feels as though we’ve done very little all year. Despite this, things have (mostly) ticked over ok, and (mostly) survived – there’s been the odd loss, but these things happen.

We have had a couple of days off this week (J starts a new job on Monday with less commuting, and needed to use some leave from his old job) so today was Garden Day. At the garden centre bright and early, we checked out the seasonal clearance shelves and came up trumps, as usual – a mahonia, an ilex, a spiraea and an escallonia which together should have cost £55 for a total of £13, plus four trays of pansies for £10. Throw in the £4 voucher and that was 28 plants for £19.

This afternoon we have been out in the autumn sunshine tidying up and planting out our purchases. The asters and most of the rudbeckias have gone and we’ve done a lot of chopping back of shrubby things, and spaces have been filled in with the new plants. It’s not perfect but it’s better than it was.

We also discussed some plans for next spring. The front garden needs some attention, especially the only part we’ve never really done anything with: the very front, against the wall. We have a nice rough stone wall with “cock and hen” type stonework on the top, and it’s only visible from the pavement. The rhododendron, rose and potentilla all look better from the street than from our house, but are so tall that no-one passing can see the rest of the front garden, which seems a pity. So we are giving some serious thought to getting all three out, and having something else in there instead.

So that’s probably about it in terms of serious gardening for the year, though some of the hellebores are gearing up for a good show so there will probably be occasional posts of photographs!

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