That spring-like feeling

Admittedly it was frosty first thing, but the sun shone and there were even a few bees buzzing around. Over the last few days I’ve noticed things starting to come back to life, so with a sunny day off work it was time for a quick tour of the estate to see how it’s all doing.

New growth is appearing all over the place – lots of shrubby things are starting to produce buds which is very encouraging.

New growth on the photinia

New growth on the photinia

As well as the photinia, I spotted buds on the hydrangea and forsythia, and also on the thornless blackberry one of my colleagues gave me last autumn. It had been looking a bit sorry for itself but now it seems to have settled in. Thornless blackberries are wonderful – we had one at the house where I grew up, the fruit is delicious and you don’t get ripped to shreds picking it.

The hellebores have been giving there all, bless them, and are still going strong:



The purple one is in a pot and was given to us by my mum. It really needs to go in the ground, but we haven’t found the right spot for it yet.

So far just one solitary primrose has flowered, but some of the others have buds.


And we have purple, mauve and yellow crocuses providing little splashes of colour in amongst the remains of some of last year’s annuals.



Both skimmias are covered in buds, this one is going to be glorious when they open.



Some things haven’t fared so well and we have empty spaces, especially in the bed next to the greenhouse. The artemisia is looking very sorry for itself, I may be able to get some cuttings to propagate but the old plant is looking sad indeed. Some things will just have died back for the winter but even so I suspect we have had losses.

On the bright side, empty spaces mean I can get more plants! A flowering quince is on my list of must-haves this year. It’ll soon be time to start checking out those reduced shelves again!

Hope you have been able to enjoy the weather today.

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