We should go on holiday more often

Translation: the garden seems to be thriving on, well, not exactly neglect but definitely being left to its own devices for a while. We had a week’s holiday in North Wales (and yes, there will be garden-related photos, of course) and came back to find that everything was doing quite well, thank you very much. I took a few photos on Monday evening to prove it.


The lawn looks a bit sorry for itself as J cut it on Sunday and it had been dry and sunny for days. A few things have been starting to look a bit stressed over the last couple of days but it started raining last night so everything will get replenished.

A few close-ups:


The cistus has been lovely – covered in flowers. It’s looking a little sad this morning but then we have had some fairly heavy rain overnight.


Thornless blackberry – looks like we should get some fruit. (The raspberry and both gooseberries look good too, lots of crumbles and summer puddings to look forward to!)


A rather sweet double flowered aquilegia that I don’t remember ever seeing before so I suspect it’s self-sown.


And our solitary iris which flowers only in odd-numbered years.

Foxgloves and lychnis are starting to flower, the ceanothus and rhododendron in the front garden are doing beautifully, and there are bees everywhere. I still have to retrieve tomato plants, asters and rudbeckias from my mum who is currently looking after them for us, so will do that soon.

And the wildlife… a few weeks ago, J was setting off for work at just before 6am when he startled a deer that came skittering down our neighbour’s path and off up the road. We think it was probably a muntjac. The other morning he came downstairs at about 5.30 and saw another (quite likely the same one) standing at the door of the greenhouse. It turned at looked at him but didn’t move, so he very slowly went to get his camera but in the few seconds he was gone it vanished. So we have a regular visitor, which is ok but probably means I will have to keep the greenhouse shut overnight once we have the tomato plants.

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