And a few quick photos

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I like my gardens sprawling and a little untidy…


Plants should feel that they can overflow their borders…


And in extreme cases, make friends with a different plant in the flower bed across the path!


That’s the curry plant, completely taking over the gravel path and reaching out to a friendly lavender.

The curry plant is just one of the scented plants in our front garden – it’s a little dominant at the moment but stand a little to one side of the garden and you get the perfume of the ceanothus; elsewhere and it’s lavender, or thyme, or the hardy salvia. One of the great pleasures of visiting other gardens is catching a scent of something heady and unfamiliar and trying to track it down.

A couple of close-ups to finish – a large and very happy bumble bee on the ceanothus:


Though there are more damselflies in the front garden than bees at the moment, but they’re much harder to photograph!

And the honeysuckle I mentioned in my previous post:


Happy Summer Solstice!

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3 Responses to And a few quick photos

  1. Benjamin says:

    Beautiful! Sometimes we concentrate so much on the visual beauty and tasty treats that come from the garden, we forget about the wonderful smells. They say our sense of smell is the one most strongly tied to memory; one whiff of honeysuckle and I’m instantly transported back to my grandmother’s house. Cheers, Ben

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