There has been a definite shift in the weather, though flowers are still flowering and the sun is still fairly warm. The last few weeks have been busy for us, not least because my mum has moved house and now lives just a few miles from us – a definite improvement on the hour-plus drive on the M1 and M6! She has a new garden to play with so no doubt there will be future blog posts about that as it develops; in fact J and I are spending the day there tomorrow making a start on cutting things back, tidying up and generally getting a handle on what’s there and what’s going to need doing.

Today, though, we spent a couple of hours having a tidy up here. There was a lot of weeding to be done, and a certain amount of cutting back and clearing away. Last time I said I would be trying to take some ceanothus cuttings – I tried and they didn’t take, so today when it got a more drastic cut back I tried again. Fingers crossed.

Lots of weeding needed at the front, especially in the “new” bed, which is looking good and everything seems to be happy:


(Sorry for the first couple of photos looking odd – the flash went off, and I didn’t realise till later. Then I couldn’t retake them because the camera battery was flat!)

This is how the front garden now looks from the street:


The little mahonia in the new bed seems happy as it already has buds:


Near the front door, a nasturtium giving its all, sedum flowering and a fine assortment of foliage:


The back garden has done well this year too and still looks respectable for early October:


All three mahonias are getting ready to flower – it’s going to look amazing!

Rudbeckias are just starting to go over, but they’ve done really well again:


The geranium is still going strong:


And the slightly sad, very reduced gaura that we bought in July is looking a lot happier:


While the Virginia creeper is giving its annual fireworks display on the fence.


I do like autumn!

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