It’s all topsy-turvy. We should be wrapped up warm in front of a roaring fire, glugging mulled wine and looking out of the window at a snow- (or at least frost-) laden landscape. But instead, this afternoon we went out at weeded the garden. Crazy, isn’t it?

A few things are doing things they’ll probably regret, like the rosemary which has decided to flower:


And the one bumble bee which I saw, but didn’t have chance to photograph – though he was taking advantage of the hellebore flowers to have a feed, which is fair enough.

The bird feeder has been reasonably popular, especially with starlings, but we have also seen the regular pair of blackbirds and a robin, plus blue tits, great tits and possible a dunnock (that was a very brief glimpse, though, so I’m not certain of the identification).

Today I spotted a hibernating ladybird:


And behaving exactly as one might expect at this time of year are the mahonias and the hellebores:



One of the shrub honeysuckles, Lonicera nitida “Ophelie”, is sporting some lovely purple berries:


And the flowering currant is just starting to live up to its name:


Mum seems to have found a good hard landscaping/fencing contractor so we will get him to sort out a new shed base and shed – becoming more urgent as we discovered last week that one of the old sheds is leaking again. So that needs doing sooner rather than later.

Ah well. Onwards. Happy New Year, folks.

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