Making a start

We do have plans for this year – some of them are the same plans we had for last year that didn’t actually happen, admittedly, but that’s life. Already this year I have had a glazier come round and replace the broken and missing greenhouse panes, so the next step there is to clear out the old staging and workbench and replace with something new that isn’t rotting and/or leaning over at a strange angle.

But the actual next thing to happen will be the removal of the old sheds. Yes, at last we have a plan, and a man to help carry it out (well, his employees will, but you get the idea). The old sheds go on Friday, then we (and our man-with-the-plan) can see how much work we need to do to create a decent base for a new one, and take it from there. He has given us a catalogue from a local shed company and we’ve chosen one we like, so will see how much room we have and whether it will fit. If we can have the larger one that we want, then the compost bins will move to the corner behind the shed, and the two small plastic storage sheds will be dismantled and their contents stored in the lovely new shed instead.

End result: a smarter garden. And hopefully all in the next few weeks. Watch this space!

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