Mum’s garden

Since Mum moved house in September to live a few miles away from us, she has been planning improvements to both front and back gardens. Back in early October I took some photos one Sunday when  J and I spent the day clearing some space in the back garden. At that point the back garden looked like this:


It’s a little less green and lush at the moment of course! The corner which we cleared looked like this before we started:


And like this after a few hours’ work:


Still some way to go, but on the left you can just see the paved area where Mum is going to have a new greenhouse. Before Christmas she had someone in to do some more clearing, and put a retaining wall beneath the fence, and this week they came back to repave the path and build two small raised beds, so it now looks like this:


Which I’m sure you’ll agree is an improvement. There is some soil behind the retaining slabs so the plan is to grow things like campanula, aubretia and vinca along there to soften the wall. The raised beds will have soft fruits and flowers in them.

A different company is coming next month to sort out the front garden – currently it looks like this:


The paving slabs will go, and there will be gravel and flower beds, but the holly is staying as it’s quite a nice one.

More updates as the work progresses!

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