Big plans

This year is (we hope) going to see some more changes in our back garden. We have already had the old sheds cleared, and on Tuesday the guys will come back to sort out a new base for a new shed, which is quite exciting. So J and I have also been discussing how we want to overhaul the back garden and make it more interesting and less… well, rectangular.

At the moment it’s laid out like this:


Without the sheds, obviously.

So the plan is to move the gravel path, so that it starts in the middle of the lawn and curves round to the shed and greenhouse. This will mean moving the apple tree over slightly. The path with have a fairly broad strip of grass to either side, but the rest of what is currently lawn will become flowerbed. The bed at the far end will also be altered, covering over the far side where nothing really grows, and moving a lot of the plants into the new bed.

So this will break up the symmetry and regularity of the garden and make it more interesting, while giving me a bit more room for more plants! Which is very pleasing, of course.

At the same time we should be able to hide some of the less attractive items better. The new shed configuration will give us room to tuck the compost bins away next to the hedge, and the two plastic storage containers can probably be dismantled once we have the new shed in place.

I want to get started!

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