Work in progress

Things are moving on, which is exciting – after so many attempts to get things done with sheds and fences, the rate of progress this week has been almost scary.

I posted a couple of weeks ago to show you the empty space where the old sheds used to be. That space now looks like this:


The slabs are standing where the upper shed used to be. The plan now is to dig all of that dirt and not-very-good concrete out, down to the level of the better concrete which the lower shed used to stand on. Some of the lower concrete has been broken out, next to the hedge, to make a soft area for the compost bins. We’re hoping that the slab continues under the material that’s going to be dug out, but if it doesn’t continue all the way we do have plenty of slabs. A little retaining wall will keep the greenhouse in its place too. Work will continue on Tuesday, and also on Tuesday the new shed will be delivered (and, built, we hope, though I think it may take a little longer. We shall see).

As the guys will be doing another run to the tip on Tuesday they said that if we got the old staging and workbench out of the greenhouse they’d take that for us too. In the end, the workbench got a reprieve as it’s actually in quite good condition and just needed propping up a bit at the back to keep it from leaning against the glass. The staging was mostly rotten, though one bit which had been screwed to the brickwork gave us a bit of trouble.

A lot of things which would normally live in the shed have been in the greenhouse for the last few weeks, so removing the staging meant taking everything out. We took the opportunity to wash the greenhouse and workbench down with Jeyes fluid and the workbench also got a coat of woodstain to spruce it up a little.

Briefly, the greenhouse looked like this:



At least until we put all the bits and bobs back in it. Even so, it doesn’t look too bad and with the bench tidied up and the panes replaced it’s almost like having a new greenhouse. Next task is to buy some new staging.

The guys worked very hard this week and as well as getting our shed base under way they also replaced the fence on one side of our house – this fence was our neighbour’s responsibility and had suffered a lot in recent windy weather, so of course we’re very pleased to see it fixed so quickly.



Next step – new shed! But for now I’ll leave you with the sunrise photo I took on Tuesday.


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