Progress in Mum’s garden

We went up to see Mum today as she had her new greenhouse installed yesterday but wanted us to put the staging together for her. It was also a good excuse to see how the front garden looked as there have been workmen there for the last few days giving it a serious makeover.

The greenhouse now sits in the corner of the garden next to the raised beds and looks quite at home:

mums garden 20 feb 2016 (2)

Plenty of room inside for grow-bags and tomato plants:

mums garden 20 feb 2016 (1)

The staging came free as part of a special offer with the greenhouse, one level plus a half-width upper extension. I will confess it was quite fiddly to put together; you’d think by now we would have something simpler than almost 100 awkward little nuts and bolts.

The front garden is looking very good already and Mum is of course itching to go out and buy plants to put in it. All the tired old paving slabs have gone, replaced by a smart gravel path and generous flowerbeds. (Excuse the skip in the photos…)

mums garden 20 feb 2016 (3)mums garden 20 feb 2016 (4)

Next weekend is a busy one with rat shows and visitors so I have no idea when we’ll get to a garden centre or nursery, but we will get started as soon as we can.


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