New flowerbed cut out

After working hard in Mum’s garden yesterday, today it was the turn of our own garden (after a visit to Mum to take her a bag of compost and pick up the last of the paving slabs salvaged from her front garden). While getting the compost we also bought several vinca (well, they were on offer!) and some new seed feeders for the bird station. Thankfully, after a cold and foggy start to the day it brightened up into a lovely afternoon for being outside.

J cut out the remaining stretch of new flowerbed while I planted the cinca under the hedge at the bottom of the garden, along with several clumps of grape hyacinth donated by Mum – her garden has loads. I quite like grape hyacinth but they can take over a bit. The bed under the hedge just needs things that will get on with it and be ground cover. Mum’s got lots of vinca too but with a different variegation to the leaves so we’ll probably have some of that too.

Once the bed was cut out J turned his attention to cutting back the ivy at the back of the garden while I planted a few things in the new bed. Mostly these were plants which were struggling in their previous location – a lavender and a heuchera that were mostly in shade, another lavender getting crowded out by other things – but I also planted out the callistemon and the quince, as well as a rosemary that wasn’t very happy in a pot, and my new snake’s head fritillaries, something I have wanted for years.

So the garden looks like this:


The new bit of flowerbed:


Callistemon at the end nearest the house, to make an impact all year round.

The bed under the hedge:






The stumps of monkey puzzle tree have all moved as well, and are lining the new gravel path. A slightly optimistic lychnis has self-seeded in one of them:


While another has gained a healthy crop of some sort of fungus:


I’ve got no idea what it is but I wouldn’t try eating it!

We still have lots of plants waiting for slightly warmer weather before we plant them out. The plan is to spend next Sunday doing whatever garden centre shopping we need to do so that we don’t have to venture out over the Easter weekend, but can just spend our time in the garden instead.


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