Tomatoes and halos

There’s been a little more progress this weekend but not really enough to warrant taking pictures. I might go out later and see what is flowering, but for now I’ll just give you the basic update…

On Friday I had the day off and took Mum plant- and compost-shopping. She wanted a flowering cherry and Morrisons had some for £7, which is an amazing bargain. She also picked up an amelanchier for £2 but now we can’t find it – it went in the car at Morrisons, and I’m pretty sure it got unloaded at her house, but we have no idea where it went. I’ll phone her later and see if she’s found it, and if not then I’ll go and help her look.

After Morrisons we went to the garden centre, looking first of all for growbags for our tomatoes. This year Mum bought six grafted tomato plants and they were already getting big and sturdy so needed planting on. She also bought some plant halos which she has used before but I never have – so this year I’m trying them out. They were easy enough to set up and the tomato plants look happy, so we’ll see what happens.

Mum wanted some specific plants and I just wanted to treat myself, so she bought (amongst other things) a fatsia, euonymus, saxifrage and some herbs, while I chose a hardy fuschia and two dicentra. Mum also bought two nemesia that were on offer and gave one to me. We bought some dahlia tubers as well – I have never had much luck with dahlias but thought I’d give some a go in a pot and see what happens.

So yesterday J and I had a few things to sort out. The tomatoes got rehomed, and the two heuchera I bought a couple of weeks ago got put in nicer pots. I also lifted a heuchera “Alabama Sunrise” which has been looking a little unhappy in the ground, and put it in a pot to see if it cheers up. The plants bought on Friday all went in the ground and we did some weeding. Last night there was a forecast for possible frost, though, so I still haven’t planted out the pelargoniums that will go in the troughs under the living room window. I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out as I chose what should be an interesting assortment of colours.

There might be a few pictures later, ok?

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