Other People’s Gardens, birthday edition: Nymans

Yesterday was both my and J’s birthdays and we had tickets to see a favourite band, who were playing in Brighton. This meant an overnight stay and the chance to do one or two other touristy things at the same time. We decided that on the way down to Brighton we would stop off at Nymans, near Crawley, as it was only a very short detour and we could be there for lunch.

We didn’t do the full house and garden experience as we wanted to have a bit of time in Brighton too, but we did have a wander round the main part of the garden and saw the outside of the house. There’s a lot of woodland too, with various walking trails, but that was more than we really had time for. Still, I did get a few pictures to give you an idea of the gardens, which were very picturesque, and still to some extent waking up for spring – I’m sure they’ll look very different in a few weeks’ time. These were taken on my phone as I didn’t take the SLR with me.

The gardens were laid out from the late 19th century onwards, and the previous Regency house was replaced with a late Gothic/Tudor style house in the early 20th century.

nymans 5 may 2016 (4)

Walled Garden – this is the inside of the gate, rather than the outside, which I though was a bit odd.

Inside the Walled Garden:

nymans 5 may 2016 (5)nymans 5 may 2016 (6)nymans 5 may 2016 (7)nymans 5 may 2016 (8)nymans 5 may 2016 (9)

The house, partly a ruin:

nymans 5 may 2016 (10)nymans 5 may 2016 (11)nymans 5 may 2016 (12)nymans 5 may 2016 (15)nymans 5 may 2016 (16)nymans 5 may 2016 (17)

Beside the house, a small knot garden with planters full of tulips:

nymans 5 may 2016 (13)nymans 5 may 2016 (14)

Looking back up to the house from the croquet lawn:

nymans 5 may 2016 (19)

This building is called the Loggia:

nymans 5 may 2016 (18)

There were several strategically-placed water features:

nymans 5 may 2016 (3)

And lots of varieties of tulip:

nymans 5 may 2016 (2)

If we went again I’d want to do the woodland walks and have a look in the house. It’s the sort of garden you could visit a few times during the year and always see something new.



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