The macro experiment begins

The macro converter I ordered has arrived today – impressively quick service! As soon as I got chance I attached it to the camera and went out to test it. A few things became apparent straight away: it takes a fair bit of practice to get things in focus, the lens does need to be very close to the subject, and ideally I need a tripod and a windless day. So most of the pictures I took were not great, but a few came out well, or at least failed in interesting ways.

This one of heuchera “Paris” doesn’t work because you can’t really tell what the flowers are, and there’s a bit of blurring – I’m going to blame the breeze that sprang up every time I’d got a shot lined up! But heuchera flowers are absolutely tiny so it gets points for the fact that you can see the fuzz on the petals, and I like the peripheral blurring effect.


The nemesia (“Easter Bonnet”) came out better, but in fairness it wasn’t being blown about at the end of a long slender stem. Again, nemesia flowers are small and I wouldn’t have got that resolution without the converter.


Similarly the veronica (speedwell) which is just coming in to flower – I’ve undoubtedly photographed it before, but never seen the blue veining so clearly.


This shot of a hebe is again a mixed bag – not perfect, but I like the effect overall. I always think of this hebe as pure white but here you can just see a suggestion of pink on the buds:


So there we are. I shall keep practising.

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