More camera testing, and a return to Castle Ashby

The other day I acquired (possibly permanently, we shall see) a Fuji Finepix S7000. A certain amount of googling uncovered sufficient information for me to decide to test it out and see if I like it as a “spare” camera for those occasions when I don’t want to take the Sony out. Early signs are good, though it does have a tendency to over-expose on the automatic settings, but when you change the settings you can see what the exposure will be like in the viewfinder so it’s possible to adjust before taking the picture.

So here are some close-ups from the garden yesterday morning:











These were taken on the camera’s built-in macro setting and the file sizes are all around 450-470Kb – I usually take pictures on the Sony at closer to 1Mb then reduce them for uploading to here.

This morning we went to Castle Ashby gardens – J’s mum was here for the weekend and we wanted to take her there but of course it gave me the chance to do some more testing. Close-ups generally worked well but it needs some practice with landscapes and wider views. These were all taken on the Landscape setting and while the first two were fine, the other three needed a bit of editing on the computer for brightness as they were a bit washed out:





Honeysuckle, photographed on the portrait setting:


Close-ups using the macro setting:


And another, plus a shot of the whole plant using the portrait setting:


The bird-of-paradise plant was a real surprise, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one close up before and the colours are gorgeous.

This was also taken using the portrait setting, while standing beneath the tree and looking up, as its branches overhang a path:


So on balance I think pretty successful results. Our first digital camera was a Finepix though a much more basic compact than this one, so I’m not too surprised that it takes a good picture.

Back in our own garden, I did get a few pictures using the Sony yesterday morning as well. Mainly of a family of starlings having their breakfast. It was a busy morning at the bird feeder – we had sparrows and (we think) a juvenile bluetit and a juvenile great tit as well as the starlings, but the starlings were around for the longest and didn’t seem bothered by me creeping closer with a camera. The babies were large and looked old enough to be fending for themselves but were still demanding to be fed by the parent!


So there we are – next weekend’s a Bank Holiday so no doubt there will be pottering, and more photos! I want to see what results I can get using the Sony with its macro converter on a tripod. If it doesn’t rain, of course.




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