From the bedroom window

One very quick photo, taken on my phone so not the best picture in the world! I can now do a little more walking around than I have been able to for the last two days, so I went to the window and took this:

front garden 16th jun 2016

As you can see the ceanothus is in full bloom (and full of bees) and things generally are filling out and flowering. We have some pink lychnis flowering, and also a pale pink geranium (just right of the photinia, bottom left) which I don’t remember planting and I think has self-seeded, but it’s pretty so I don’t mind. Lots of new growth on the old rhododendron (near the top left, above the yellow-green of Santolina “Lemon Fizz”), both salvias doing well, and the lavenders just starting to flower.

Not a bad view when you’re convalescing!

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