Dodging the showers

Over the last week we have become aware just how much the garden needed weeding. The recent rain-sun-rain cycle has boosted everything including the weeds! So J was determined to tidy things up a bit this weekend. I’m still a bit more limited in what I can do, but I wanted to check on the tomatoes and pick any fruit which was managing to ripen despite the rain. This amounted to half a dozen raspberries and a couple of gooseberries – maybe a few more days of sunshine are needed. We’ll have enough for a summer pudding eventually.

The tomatoes are doing well, lots of fruit setting and the plants are big and sturdy. One side shoot that had been left to its own devices had some flowers on it, so I cut it off and put it in some compost – if it takes, I’ll have an extra plant. I also cut off a lot of the lower levels of foliage which were starting to turn yellow. Meanwhile J weeded at the back before lunch, and at the front after – in between short but sharp showers. He came in a few minutes ago and it was pouring down, but now we have sunshine and blue skies again.

After lunch I took some photos, mainly at the back, using the Fuji. I’ll have another go tomorrow with the Sony, as the close-ups I took today were uniformly terrible. I don’t know whether it was the camera, my eyesight or the breeze (it’s very breezy today). So it’s pretty much all general views for today.

2 jul 2016 (1)2 jul 2016 (2)2 jul 2016 (3)2 jul 2016 (4)2 jul 2016 (5)2 jul 2016 (6)2 jul 2016 (7)2 jul 2016 (8)2 jul 2016 (9)2 jul 2016 (10)

All the lychnis we have now is pink – until last year we had a mixture, but all the white seems to have gone which is a bit of a pity. There are some smaller seedlings hanging on which haven’t flowered yet so we won’t know what they are till next year.

Lavenders are just starting to flower and the scent is all around, both front and back, which is pleasing. All the heucheras are doing well and full of bees, as are the scabious. The callistemon flowers are opening (but the photos I took didn’t come out of course) and we have fruit on the flowering quince as well as several apples on the tree. So although the weather isn’t ideal, it’s definitely summer.


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2 Responses to Dodging the showers

  1. mfrueh says:

    I wish our weather were closer to yours. We’ve had about 1″ of rain in the past month and that was spaced over five days. Not enough to keep the garden going. Our water bill is going to be huge for June and July doesn’t look much better with temps in the 90’s and no rain for at least the next 10 days. Your garden looks very healthy and beautiful.

    • ownedbyrats says:

      Thank you. We do tend to forget that the summer here is usually on the wet side, we have an image of our childhoods and endless sunny days but it’s never really been that way. And you’re right, we should count our blessings that we do not have a drought. June was exceptionally wet, though and I would gladly send you some if I could!

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