A quick visit to Mum’s

Today is Mum’s birthday so we have been over to see her (the original plan was to go out somewhere, but I was too tired after a busy morning).

We bought her a bird feeder station plus some feeders and stuff to put in them, so part of the afternoon was spent putting it all together – another reason we didn’t go out anywhere. Mum is very happy with it:

10 jul 2016 (5)

And of course I took a few quick photos of the garden. The retaining wall behind the raised beds has a lovely show of nasturtiums, from a free packet of seeds that came with a gardening magazine.

10 jul 2016 (2)

Until this year we’ve had nasturtiums in the front garden but none have appeared this summer, so I suspect the seedlings have all been weeded out.

A couple of general views:

10 jul 2016 (1)10 jul 2016 (3)

It’s a year this weekend since we saw the bungalow and Mum put in an offer for it. The garden wasn’t in a bad way exactly but it does look a lot better now.

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5 Responses to A quick visit to Mum’s

  1. Happy Birthday to your mother. She has a lovely garden!

  2. ramblingratz says:

    A belated happy birthday to your mum. Her garden is looking lovely, as indeed is her cute pup 🙂

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